Jessica and Jamal – Mystic Yachting Center, CT

Jessica and Jamal – Mystic Yachting Center, CT

So we do a lot of gorgeous weddings. Some of which are just oozing all sorts of lovely flower goodness. Many of our brides go crazy for flowers, which we absolutely, positively adore!

But we also have brides who are budget conscious and we are happy to assist them however we can.

When a bride comes to me and is on a strict budget I always tell them to put their floral budget into their bouquets. This is the most photographed of the wedding flowers. It is the one flower arrangement the bride gets to carry, and one she will hopefully remember for years to come.

So sweet Jessica loved our work, but was on a strict budget. They had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the lovely Mystic Yachting Center. She arranged to do her own centerpieces and such in order to save on costs and this way, they were able to use our services for all of the personal flowers~ bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and such.

It was Summer and we used pink peonies, garden roses, ranunculus and Jessica loved succulents, so we used those in all the bouquets.

It was such a pretty combination of colors against the teal dresses the maids wore.

Matching teal ties for the men, while they wore cute mini succulent boutonnieres.

I just loved how Jessica and Jamal changed later into matching teal sneaks for dancing. Adorable!

Thank you Michelle Girard for sending these our way! You really captured these two so perfectly!

And thank you Jessica and Jamal for sharing your day with us! Wishing you much happiness!

peace+love, yumiko

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Mystic Yachting Center

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