Natalie and Joe – Branford House, CT

Natalie and Joe – Branford House, CT

Happy October everyone!  It’s full on Fall now.  Brisk mornings and beautiful foliage everywhere.  I’m in flips until I can’t bear it anymore, but I’m embracing the handful of Fall inspired weddings we’ve had so far!

I’ve been waiting anxiously to see this wedding from July.  Photographer Meredith Purdue just sent over the link and there were just so many gorgeous shots, it was hard to whittle them down!

This wedding was extra special because two years ago we had the wonderful honor to work on her sister’s wedding!  Marget and Seth are a featured couple on our website.

It was so fun to see beautiful Marget again and her baby bump and all of their family again!

Natalie has such a kind, sweet disposition and was fairly laid back with her wedding planning.   Many a bride of ours are too busy with work to think of all the details for their big day.  Luckily for Natalie she had not only her sister, but her sister in law, who works in the wedding industry to help plan her day!

Loved the color palette of Natalie and Joe’s wedding.  Emerald green, lavender, gold and neutrals.
The gals wore the prettiest shades of emerald and Natalie was stunning in her lace gown.

The bouquets were soft shades of blush, ivory, grey and accents of peach and the tiniest bit of lavender and blue for Natalie.

Peonies, garden roses, blooming privet, lavender, tweedia and freesia were just some of the flowers used.  I especially loved Natalie’s bouquet as there was a gorgeous cafe au lair dahlia tucked in as well as mini phaleonopsis orchids cascading down.  Love!!!

All the bouquets had streamers of ribbons too which was a fun, whimsical touch.

Centerpieces were in gold compotes and filled with hydrangeas, garden roses, tweedia and fresh lavender.

Branford House looked effortlessly elegant and was a perfect back drop for their wedding!

Thank you Meredith for such gorgeous pictures to choose from!

Sending lots of love and happiness to you Natalie and Joe!  Such an honor and pleasure to work with you and your family again!

peace+love, yumiko

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